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In 1976, after working in the construction industry for ten years, JACK SPOHN had a goal in mind — he wanted to create a manufacturer’s rep agency that possessed a strong focus on building and maintaining relationships. He did not want to step out of the picture once an order was received, but rather become a local presence for reliable, honest and knowledgeable information on the products and services his company would provide.

…And so began his life as a manufacturer’s representative.




It’s really quite simple… quality manufacturers located in remote corners of the world need sales representation in distant markets. Likewise, architectural design communities and building contractors need knowledge of, and access to, the industry’s best products. Although the dynamic is relatively simple, to excel at it requires superior levels of service, trust and accountability. Jack Spohn was inspired to do it better than anyone else.




Fast forward over three and half decades and you will find an organization lead by ERIC SPOHN that still embraces those original ideals. Although now covering three states with an extensive array of architectural products, ten sales associates and wall-to-wall project management of each order, Spohn Associates, Inc. has always been fueled by the power of human relationships.


We are inspired when architects are empowered to design; when manufacturers dare to innovate; and when contractors recognize the value of quality and service. Mostly, we are inspired by opportunities to serve the commercial construction industry and to better our communities in the process.



Okalux Visits Indiana

& Makes Multiple Stops



Spohn Associates had the opportunity to show off the Okalux product offerings in October during a visit from the VP of Sales and Marketing, Peter Stattler. Spohn spent three days escorting Peter around the state, showcasing the products and providing architects with necessary AIA credits and learning objectives. Okalux does a great job of providing the audience with relevant and interesting material. The two presentations available from them are: “Insulated Glass Solutions for Optimal Daylighting Insulation & Solar Heat Gain Control” and also available is the brand new “Glass Tubing & Rods for Architectural Design”.

Spohn Associates Indianapolis takes great pride in each and every project in which we become a part.

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