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The Spohn Associates team was assembled in a way that reflected its creator. The members of Spohn Associates all possess great knowledge in their field, a moral compass that strives to point north and the intent to create positive relationships wherever possible. We are a gracious group with good intentions and the will to personify growth and development in our community. If you have any questions, feel free to email any of the happy smiling faces below. If your first pick doesn’t know the answer, he or she will find the right answer and get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.




Eric Spohn


Rick Hamilton

Director of Business Development

Andy Muhlada

Product Consultant – Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

Matt Hale

Product Consultant – Kentucky

Bobby Khourie

Product Consultant – Columbus, OH


Mark A_Web

Mark Avetisian

Product Consultant – Cincinnati/KY

Phil Schouten

Product Consultant – Indianapolis, IN

Brad Hoff

Senior Estimator –

Indianapolis, IN

Joyce Farr

Inside Sales – Indianapolis, IN

Lindsay Nesbitt

Director of Marketing – Indianapolis, IN








andy I_2014 tom p 01_sm

Steve Black

VP Of Risk Management

Andy Imes

VP of Operations

Jeremy Sturgeon

Director of Operations

Don Allen 

Senior Project Manager

Tom Pursell

Senior Project Manager




john02 Mark Cox_sm_2 nathan_sm_2 Matt McCrory _web

Mike Gerlach

Project Manager

John Lawrence

Project Manager

Mark Cox

Project Manager

Nathan Singleton

Project Manager

Matt McCrory

Project Manager

Brad Moyer_web02 Regina Cooper 01_sm

Nick Peoni

Project Manager

Toni Harris

Project Manager

Monya Wolf

Project Manager

Brad Moyer

Safety Director

Regina Cooper

Project Coordinator



Erin Noel

Assistant Project Manager

Jeff Bolton

Installation Facilitator

Tom Cash

Senior Superintendent

Jason Edwards


Danny Spears


Antonio Langsten_sm

Antonio Langston


Dylan Taylor







Russ Messmann_02_sm_v2

Sean Barnett

Chief Financial Officer

Russ Messmann

Assistant Controller



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