Project Profile: Indianapolis City County Building Plaza

The City County Building Plaza project stands out as being one built by creative vision, public service and ample amounts of resourceful problem solving.

The considerate design is apparent through the use of authentic vintage photography on the panels of the outbuildings. These panels were chosen from the Fundermax Individual Decor series. Fundermax provides Spohn with the opportunity to deliver HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panels to the local designers. In the production process, several layers of papers are impregnated with resin, to then be compressed under high pressure and at high temperatures, using an elaborate process. In the end a material is created that is more versatile and, simultaneously, more visually impressive than almost any other.

HPL brings a great deal of value to any project due to the fact that it is a particularly “tolerant” material. Abrasion, impacts, scratches and extreme temperature variations are no cause for concern.

The HPL cannot stand alone, but requires a system that has been engineered to perform to the desires of the designers and engineers. Insert Spohn’s workhorse: SOBOTEC. Sobotec engineered and fabricated the highly sophisticated system that houses the HPL material, so that properties of both, material and system, are performing to their highest abilities.

In the case of the City County project, the panels display an historical photo of the structure with history of it’s inception and development. Also included is a lesson on the “1821 Plat of Indianapolis” with a supporting image of an aerial footprint of Indianapolis.

The point supported canopies also provide a service to the public…large swings for any passerby to enjoy! The overall aesthetic of the glazed canopies is quite beautiful. But this section of the project did not come without challenges. One of Spohn’s premiere principals, Linel, is widely known for taking on monumental projects such as this one. Phil Baughman of Linel was the lead Project Manager and had this to say:

“Even though there were many challenges and struggles on this project, Spohn Associates, Linel and Linel’s engineer provided a product that fit, with very few issues in the field, resulting in a very attractive finished product.”

The Project Manager from Spohn was Don Allen, and he noted that the use of digital scans provided by Nederveld really saved the day when it came to acquiring the right dimensions needed to successfully execute the canopies.

Spohn takes great pride in every project in which we can play a role, and this is no different. Thank you to all of the man power, brain power and community involvement it required to take this project to the finish line.

The partners on this project include: Rundell Ernstberger, Brandt Construction, and Spohn Associates.

Spohn’s principal manufacturers include Sobotec/Fundermax panels for the outbuildings and Linel point-supported glass canopies. The scan ordered by Spohn was produced by Nederveld, and Spohn also conducted the installation of the panels and canopies.